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Join Greenpeace's flagship Rainbow Warrior

Join Greenpeace’s flagship Rainbow Warrior on the water near Tofino in Tla-o-qui-aht Territory on the morning of October 7. Bring your boat, kayak, canoe, surfboard, paddle board or any sea-worthy vessel to join the flotilla. Let’s send a message that the people of this region love wild salmon—it’s time to get open net-pen salmon . . . → Read More: Join Greenpeace’s flagship Rainbow Warrior

Salmon Confidential: Upcoming Film Showing in Tofino

Salmon Confidential filmmaker, Twyla Roscovich, follows biologist Dr. Alexandra Morton as she unravels the mysteries of BC’s declining salmon stocks using some of the world’s top fish labs. What she uncovers should shock anyone who cares about our fish and all that depend on them. This 70-minute film documents Morton’s journey as she attempts . . . → Read More: Salmon Confidential: Upcoming Film Showing in Tofino

BC takes small but important step

Alexandra Morton, speaking on behalf of Salmon are Sacred (salmonaresacred .org), observed, “I am glad that the Christie Clark Liberals (with today’s Discovery Islands announcement) recognize there is a problem with salmon feedlots on wild salmon migration routes. This small but important step in the right direction makes it clear that siting salmon feedlots . . . → Read More: BC takes small but important step

Orcas chasing sea lions

Videographer Adam Chilton doesn’t think surfers in Tofino were at risk from a pod of orcas that came surprisingly close to shore in pursuit of some sea lions.

Surfers can be seen paddling and riding in to shore as the sea lions leap into the air, presumably to escape the orcas.

“It looked . . . → Read More: Orcas chasing sea lions

Ucluelet Women keeps pet deer

Inside their one-storey, metal-roofed, plywood shack on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, Janet Schwartz and her domesticated deer, Bimbo, are returning to their normal lives.

Against the background noise of a buzzing generator, professional wrestlers jostle across the screen of a satellite TV as Bimbo snatches and then gobbles down a cigarette from . . . → Read More: Ucluelet Women keeps pet deer

2013 New Year's Resolution: Salmon Feedlot Boycott

Days before the end of 2012, a campaign has been launched that calls for Canadians to stop purchasing and consuming salmon that has been raised in open-net feedlots. (SFB) is hoping to make 2013 the year that Canadians stand up to protect wild salmon, lobster, the marine environment, and the thousands . . . → Read More: 2013 New Year’s Resolution: Salmon Feedlot Boycott

Missing girl on Vancouver Island

Two weeks ago, Shelley Fillipoff put everything on hold and flew from Ottawa to Victoria, B.C., where, day by day, she searches the city streets. She plans to stay there until she finds her daughter.

Fillipoff, an elementary school teacher at the Queen Elizabeth School in Perth, took the trip after a series of . . . → Read More: Missing girl on Vancouver Island

STAND- Power Teaser

STAND, presented by Quiksilver Waterman, will take viewers on a journey through the waters of B.C.’s west coast. Through the stories of an aboriginal high school class building their own stand-up paddleboards as a form of protest, the efforts of expedition stand-up paddler Norm Hann, and the powerful surfing of iconic west coast native . . . → Read More: STAND- Power Teaser

DFO prohibit salmon farming unless certain by 2020

Today Justice Bruce Cohen released the Final Report on his $26 million inquiry into the 17-year decline of the Fraser sockeye. Cohen states DFO should be relieved of its duty to promote salmon farming, citing risk of favouring the interests of the salmon farming industry and divided loyalties that might “prejudice the health of . . . → Read More: DFO prohibit salmon farming unless certain by 2020

Pipeline protest spills democracy on legislature lawn

The granola-eaters were… eating granola. And yoghurt and fruit and other Whole Earth fare. The rest of us chased the 7 a.m. cobwebs with bacon and eggs aboard B.C. Ferries’ Queen of Somethingorother transiting between Tsawwassen and Victoria.

In front of me sat an elderly First Nations woman with hands as large as . . . → Read More: Pipeline protest spills democracy on legislature lawn