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Orcas chasing sea lions

Videographer Adam Chilton doesn’t think surfers in Tofino were at risk from a pod of orcas that came surprisingly close to shore in pursuit of some sea lions.

Surfers can be seen paddling and riding in to shore as the sea lions leap into the air, presumably to escape the orcas.

“It looked . . . → Read More: Orcas chasing sea lions

Orcas Searching For Seals

Big black fins are appearing within the surf lines off local beaches, but surfers and swimmers shouldn’t be concerned: the fins are those of orcas, not sharks.

John Forde, owner of Clayoquot Eco Tours and The Whale Centre, said two orcas, Wakana and Rainy, travelled between Long Beach and Chesterman Beach, searching for seals . . . → Read More: Orcas Searching For Seals

Human Powered Boat In Ucluelet

Many Ukees have seen a strange looking boat in the harbour this week and are questioning who and what it is. I has the pleasure of speaking with the pilot, Greg Kolodziejzyk from Calgary Alberta, today and this is what I learned.

On July 1st Greg Kolodziejzyk was planning to depart from Ucluelet, BC . . . → Read More: Human Powered Boat In Ucluelet

Ucluelet Aquarium Open

The Ucluelet Aquarium opened in March this year just in time for the Whale Festival. My children were as excited as ever to visit the hands on aquarium and my wife and I are equally excited!

The earlier season has brought some new and different animals. Of course they still have some of the . . . → Read More: Ucluelet Aquarium Open