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BC takes small but important step

Alexandra Morton, speaking on behalf of Salmon are Sacred (salmonaresacred .org), observed, “I am glad that the Christie Clark Liberals (with today’s Discovery Islands announcement) recognize there is a problem with salmon feedlots on wild salmon migration routes. This small but important step in the right direction makes it clear that siting salmon feedlots is a provincial responsibility.”

Morton went on to say, “I am anxious to see how BC politicians of all stripes respond to this first step. It will be of great interest to see how NDP Leader Adrian Dix responds; he is a contender in the election but has been publicly silent on where he stands on protecting wild salmon.”

When asked about the pending BC election and who she would vote for to ensure salmon protection, the biologist’s advice to BC voters was, “educate yourselves by watching our new documentary Salmon Confidential, and Vote WILD Salmon.”

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