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Orcas chasing sea lions

Videographer Adam Chilton doesn’t think surfers in Tofino were at risk from a pod of orcas that came surprisingly close to shore in pursuit of some sea lions.

Surfers can be seen paddling and riding in to shore as the sea lions leap into the air, presumably to escape the orcas.

“It looked like they [orcas] were teaching their young to hunt,” said Chilton, 28.

He said the whales killed one sea lion.

Chilton posted the following video of the encounter on YouTube:

Chilton said orcas come by Ucluelet and Tofino regularly throughout the year, but it’s “very rare” for them to be seen so close to shore and so close to surfers.

He estimated the whales were approximately 100 to 125 metres from shore and less than 100 metres from surfers.

“The surfers, they knew what was going on and they got out [of the water],” he said.

Chilton is originally from the Sunshine Coast but now runs a video production business in Tofino — and surfs.

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