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Local Surfer Pete Devries dominates votes

Local surfer Pete Devries is a two-time Innersection spring round winner. For the second year in a row, Devries dominated the spring voting period for the Taylor Steele surf film.

“I’m pretty excited,” Devries said. The champion surfer found out about his win last week. “It’s great to know that people like my surfing and want to see me in a Taylor Steele movie.” The Hurley surfer kept a close eye on the voting period as it took place.

“I kind of knew that I would probably end up in first, second or third place throughout that week,” he said. The Steele film is based on viewer votes by Innersection members. Membership on the website is free.
For the second year in a row, Tofino’s Pete Devries dominated the spring voting period for the Taylor Steele Innersection surf film.

During the three-week voting period, viewers narrow down the top ten in the first weeks. The final voting week determines the top five and the winner of the section. Although Devries was part of last year’s Innersection movie, he missed the grand prize of $100,000.

“I guess last year maybe people were excited to see something new,” he said. Entering this year’s section, Devries wasn’t sure what the response would be like. “Most of the locations were similar or the same to what we put together last year,” said Devries.

The Devries’ two-minute section was mostly random clips he had filmed over the past winter with Adam Chilton and Jeremy Koreski. Most of the waves were in Tofino, with one wave filmed in Nova Scotia and a couple of waves from Chile.

This year’s section included a reflection on the Canadian cold water surfer lifestyle. “We wanted to still keep it realistic, like what we do here on a day to day basis. And it was a cool little insight into a Canadian boat trip we thought,” Devries said.

“When most people think about a boat trip, they think it’s going on a yacht in Indonesia where you’ve got everything you need in a boat,” he said. “Here, it’s definitely a little different.” With his section win giving him an entry to the film, Devries will now have a chance to improve clips and prepare for the final Innersection DVD.

“We’re thinking we might just keep it around this area,” he said. “We’ve got a few potential trips, but they are kind of depending on swell in Canada.” Aside from the surf, Devries’ sections are gaining fans and votes due to the filming by Chilton and Koreski. Just like Devries, their names are popping up in surf magazines and articles worldwide. And Devries credits them for the sections.

“I love filming and it’s something that I really like to do as much as possible,” Devries said. “Trying to find a balance between photos and video especially working with [Koreski]. It can be tough sometimes but when the conditions are right and you get to see yourself on film, it’s great.”

With Chilton’s recent move to Vancouver, Devries said he will be shooting with Koreski whenever there are swells and good waves. But for the summer, the 28-year-old father also plans to spend time with his family.

“As of right now, I’m just spending time at home with my family, getting out to surf and trying to build on clips whenever the waves are good enough to shoot,” Devries said. Without the O’Neill Cold Water Classic retuning to Canada this year, the former champion is not sure if he will compete anytime soon.

The only possible competition for Canadian surfers this year is the fall’s Billabong Storm Surf Classic in Nova Scotia. This year’s Steele DVD will be released in December.

“It’s a fun little project to work on,” said Devries. “I’m just happy I got a spot on the movie again.”

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