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Help restore the sand dunes

The expansive and pristine beaches of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Nestled in behind many of the beaches, complex and dynamic sand dune ecosystems are found, providing a home to numerous species of animals and plants, many of which are rare or endangered.

These animals and plants live in delicate balance with the constant movement of sand as the wind and waves build and erode the dunes. However, this balance is threatened by two foreign invaders: American and European beach grass, which trap and impede the movement of the sand with their tenacious roots. Once stabilised, the dunes attract different plant communities and eventually become covered by forest, disrupting the natural flow of sand necessary to maintain the beaches. The dunes eventually disappear.

We need your help! Parks Canada is working to remove European Beach grass (Ammophila arenaria) and American Beach grass (Ammophila breviligulata) in an effort to restore the open, dynamic sand dune ecosystem so that it can again support a variety of dependant plants and animals such as yellow sand-verbena and wolves, pictured left. We need volunteers to help us to restore this precious ecosystem and preserve the beaches that make this one of Canada’s true wonders.

What’s in it for you…
• Become a part of the legacy of Parks Canada, the world’s first national park service, as we celebrate one hundred years of global leadership in conservation, education and visitor experience programming
• Receive hands-on learning and experience in ecological restoration in one of Canada’s premiere national parks
• Access to stunning views of the wild Pacific and one of the longest beaches on Vancouver Island
• A certificate of participation recognising your
contribution to Parks Canada

Parks Canada can provide…
• Free accommodation at either Green Point campsite or the park’s bunk housing (*Depending upon availability. Please note we cannot provide tents or sleeping bags.)
• Reimbursement of transportation expenses to the park (up to a max of $80/person)
• Work gloves
• A free park pass for unlimited access to the park’s many beaches and trails during your stay
• Orientation to restoration program with restoration biologist and park interpreter
• Dune Walk – guided exploration of the morphology and ecology of the dune system
• Evening educational program at Green Point Theatre
• Van rental costs for groups of >8 for transportation to and from the site
• FREE surfing lesson! (*Depending upon availability of surf guard)

What you’ll need: Tents, sleeping bags, meals, incidental expenses, your own (or rented) vehicle

CONTACT: Danielle Bellefleur, Project Manager 250-726-7165 x.229

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