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Ucluelet Free Emergency Preparedness Courses

The Ucluelet Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Social Services (ESS) would like to invite residents of the West Coast of Vancouver Island to participate in two emergency preparedness courses AT NO COST to participants. Please forward this invitation to anyone you know on the West Coast who would be interested in participating ? we welcome them. If you do plan to attend, please RSVP immediately to reserve your space – see contact information below.

1) Amateur Radio Course – Successful completion of the course and examination will provide the candidate with the opportunity to apply for an Amateur Radio Operator Licence

· Please contact Amanda Ward at 250-726-4784 at the District office to register.

· Please call Dave Payne with questions 250-720-7231

· Course dates: January 14 to 16, 2011

· Location: Activity Room 1 at the new Ucluelet Community Centre

· Times: 1200-1800 14/01/11, 0800-1600 15&16/01/11

· Instructors: Mike Shepherd and Ed Peeters.

· Course preparation: Course material will be made available prior to start of the course, and students will be expected to have studied before attending.

· Exam: An examination will be held 16/01/11 PM, exact times to be confirmed.

· Lunch: Please bring your lunch and snacks with you

· Thank you: 4 Canadian Rangers Patrol Group and the District for hosting and covering the costs

2) Neighbourhood Workshop

· Please contact Christine Brice at 250-726-2311 to register and with your questions.

· Course date: January 22

· Location: Activity Room 1 at the new Ucluelet Community Centre

· Time: 9AM to 3PM

· Instructor: Sybille Sanderson

· Lunch: Will be provided

· What to expect: 1-day workshop walks participants through the process of developing a Neighbourhood Emergency Program through the phases of planning, response and recovery. Topics include:

o Identifying and prioritizing local hazards

o Identifying and prioritizing local impacts and vulnerabilities

o Identifying possible mitigation strategies

o Identifying potential solutions in response to emergencies and disasters

o How do we prepare so we are ready

o How do we respond safely in an emergency or disaster

o How can we work together with our neighbours effectively (remember ? 80% of your help will come from your neighbours)

o How can we assist each other in recovery

· Thank you: Ucluelet Emergency Social Services for hosting and covering the costs

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