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Orcas Searching For Seals

Big black fins are appearing within the surf lines off local beaches, but surfers and swimmers shouldn’t be concerned: the fins are those of orcas, not sharks.

John Forde, owner of Clayoquot Eco Tours and The Whale Centre, said two orcas, Wakana and Rainy, travelled between Long Beach and Chesterman Beach, searching for seals this past Sunday.

An orca appears off Chesterman Beach. John Forde Photo

Three to four other Orcas, known collectively as Motley Crüe, spent about six hours near the Lennard Island Lighthouse recently, looking for food.

“It doesn’t happen very often. Normally they don’t travel into the surf line,” said Forde.

Forde said Sunday was the fourth day in a row that Orcas had been around.

Swimmers and surfers shouldn’t be concerned, he added, because orcas – unlike sharks – can tell the difference between seals and surfers and swimmers.

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