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Ukees Days Launch a Huge Success

A few days of heavy fog cleared just in time for the very successful launch of Ukee Days. In the downtown, in front of the Municipal Hall, a great feast of salmon was enjoyed prior to the extremely entertaining activities. Some locals dressed for the occasion!

The Longboard Competion was highly entertaining for the 1000 or so spectators and the competitors had a blast. First place was decided by 2/10th of a second and he took home a new longboard complements of Long Beach Board Shop.

The Whiskey Dock Run is hard to explain other than it left my jaws aching from laughing. The relay race involves keeping one cans in the wheelbarrow and surviving attacks from spectators and other contestants. This is one of the funniest events I have ever witnessed.

The fog moved in for the boat cruise however the weather looks promising for the weekend and the two days of activities at Seaplane Base recreation grounds.

Hats off to the volunteers and staff who put some much time into a great event! Here are few images that tell the story of the evenings fun:

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