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Human Powered Boat In Ucluelet

Many Ukees have seen a strange looking boat in the harbour this week and are questioning who and what it is. I has the pleasure of speaking with the pilot, Greg Kolodziejzyk from Calgary Alberta, today and this is what I learned.

On July 1st Greg Kolodziejzyk was planning to depart from Ucluelet, BC and attempt to pedal within a human powered boat 4300 kms to Hawaii. Unfortunately the high winds have delayed his schedule. If successful he will be the first person to travel across the Pacific ocean from Canada to Hawaii by human power.

Greg believes that human power is the most awe-inspiring yet underutilized source of power on the planet. His goal is to inspire you to explore your own human powered potential. Greg’s mission is to conquer the world by human power:

1. Set 3 WORLD RECORDS using human power: on Land, on water and in the sky
2. Cross the Pacific ocean by human power
3. Cross the Sahara desert by human power
4. Cross the Greenland Icecap by human power
5. Complete the toughest Ironman triathlon on the planet
6. Complete the toughest 100 mile ultramarathon on the planet
7. Complete the toughest bike race on the planet

Greg’s wants to show us what is possible when we step away from our comfort zones, and boldly strike-out to realize the greatness that we are capable of when we tap into our bold HUMAN POWER. And he’s not just talking about our physical power – as in running a marathon or bench pressing 300 lbs. As Greg has shown, the human being is far more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

Greg believes that success comes with having faith in your potential – understanding the incredible potential of your human power, and then setting bold, ambitious goals and GOING FOR IT! In the words of Goethe “What you can do or dream you can do, BEGIN IT. For Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”.

Greg Kolodziejzyk is a successful entrepreneur who informally retired from the business world when he was in his mid-30s – to focus on improving his health and meeting new challenges. He started by signing up to compete in a triathlon. After losing 50 pounds racing and training, he went on to complete 12 Ironman distance triathlons, with a 4th place finish in his division at Ironman Arizona in 2006 earning him a coveted slot to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

For more on Greg visit

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