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Wild Pacific Trail

The Wild Pacific Trail curves round the rugged and rocky shoreline of the Ucluelet Peninsula with incredible views of the expansive Barclay Sound, the Broken Group Islands and the open Pacific Ocean.

Wild Pacific Trail island view

This is the main trial in Ucluelet and offers these different trail sections:

Amphitrite Lighthouse & He-Tin-Kis Park
This section of the trail is a 2.5km loop and can be walked in 30 to 45 minutes. It is a great area for a quick walk or run with amazing views of the lighthouse, exposed coast, and a perfect spot to see the sun rise. The Amphitrite section of the trail is the shortest and has the easiest terrain of any of the trails. The He-Tin-Kis Park trail also has stunning views with a short trail that has fairly easy terrain on a boardwalk path with some stair sections. There is also some stairs that lead to rocky beaches on the trail.

Amphitrite Lighthouse

Big Beach
The trail starts off in town at the popular Big Beach recreational area. From their it winds along the coast and through the rainforest. This trail has a few different sections with options for different lengths. Altogether this route is roughly 8km with some stairs but still faily easy terrain. There is quite a few paths down to different pebble beaches along the trail.

Brown’s Beach Section
A parking lot just North of Black Rock Resort on Marine Drive is your starting point. Turn right to follow a short section of forested trail near a new road. You will soon reach the trail head of the 5.5 to 8.4 km wilderness coastal trail. The most scenic path is to keep to the coastline and double back, the view looks very different in reverse! Be sure to walk into viewpoints, they offer the best vistas. You can also walk in a loop via the forested access trails to Forbes Road sports field or exit at the Pacific Rim Highway. Turn right to walk the bike path back to town.

Wild Pacific Trail view point

Brown’s Beach Section